Product is a King of the Hill Map, which is a set of parallel railway buildings with the control point underneath the viaduct bridge. It takes place in the day and is surrounded by inaccessible buildings and forests.


There are 3 routes that lead to the control point. On the RED side, the leftmost path goes through a flight of stairs, directly forward goes up the cliff where you can either jump off the slope or continue to the building, going slightly right will go between the building and the cliff, there is a set of packs just under the slope, this direction goes to the control point or accessing another doorway into the building. going directly right connects to the second entrance. The second entrance is straight down the middle of spawn which contains maintenance shed, going directly forward goes into the building, going slightly right is another direct path and the right is the 3rd entrance. The third entrance goes up a ramp and leads to a set of health and ammo packs. Going left heads back to the 2nd entrance and going up the ramp leads to the main area. Going directly forward heads into a small room with a small health pack, going forward again leads to the GRN side's left, which is parallel to the RED side's right. The building has a staircase and nothing else. There is a rock directly facing the control point as cover, directly to the left of the control point is a flat cliff face with a small ammo pack. Everything else beyond this point is GRN-colored, which is just a parallel of everything before.


  • The map name was changed from Viaduct to Product and had a redesign.
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