This page contains content that was removed from the game, whether it was placeholder weaponry or unfinished content. If you think we're missing anything, please contact a staff member to confirm its legitimacy

Removed Weapons


  • The Lever Shotgun used to have a simpler model and reloads like a normal Shotgun
  • The Flamethrower Used to shoot bullets that despawn at mid-range and has the text Flamethrower shoots bullets LoL on the view model
  • Ragdolls were temporarily removed, they were quickly readded in the next update.

Removed Maps

  • Harvest (Arena, KoTH and Vs Bosses)
  • Turbine (Sudden Death)
  • Fertile
  • Suburb
  • Lumber
  • Manufacturing

Removed Gamemodes

Class Changes

  • The Brute used to have a darker shade of skin
  • The Marksman used to be white and had glasses
  • The Agent used to be male, shared voice lines with Mechanic, had white gloves, a top hat and a bandana

Menu Changes

When you first open the game you were immediately sent to the Team selection screen, this was later changed to a basic Main Menu with images of Gorge or Harvest, it included a play button and options, this was then changed again to a different screen and features images of Seaside and Calamity

Removed Bosses

  • Bonk Boy