Rooftop is a KoTH map that takes place on top of 3 buildings; two of which are spawns for each team and one is the control point with a big antenna pole covering it.

Upon exiting spawn to your right, is a beam held up by a crane which leads to the side of the control point. To your left, you will see a staircase leading down to an indoor section that leads to a staircase out to the side of the control point.

The middle holds a long metal beam that leads to the main entrance of the control point. The left of the control point also houses a little building that houses a small health pack and ammo box, allowing for a quick retreat or refill on health or ammo. A big building in front of the control point is a good vantage point for Troopers and teleporter placements. The control point is under a big antenna pole, with barrels to the side. Sheets of metal block the main entrance to the control point for some cover.


  • A recreation of a TF2 custom map by the same name.
  • Projectiles used to be able to go through the metal sheets by the main entrance to the control point.
  • When this map was first added, Rooftop was set at night, before being changed to day in the early Rehaul stage. It was then restored to night time later on.
  • Rooftop used to be bigger and blockier, similar to Turbine.
  • This map also appears in another one of ROLVe's games, MURDER, the only difference being the spawn rooms of both teams being inaccessible, as well as some tables and chairs set outside of the team buildings.
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