General Rules

  • Follow the FANDOM Community Guidelines
  • No spamming in message walls
  • No editing other user's about pages
  • No off topic in message walls
  • Use common sense
  • When editing, make sure what you're saying is correct, if unsure, ask fellow wikia members for confirmation
  • Swearing is acceptable, but no excessive swearing.
Blockable Offenses
Breaking any of these rules will result in a block, the duration of the block varies depend on the rule(s) broken


  • Making a useless page: Making an unnecessary page 1 Day, plus your page will be deleted
  • Harassment: Harassing/Bullying other individuals, if the victim claims they're being harassed, you will receive a warning from a staff member, continue doing so will get you blocked 1 Week
  • Racism: Saying anything that can be considered racist, it doesn't matter if it's a joke, will get you blocked, think before you post 1 Week
Bannable Offenses
Breaking any of these and you're out for good

  • NSFW: Nudity, pornography are NOT allowed Permanent

This also includes references

  • Raid: Don't raid Permanent

Assembling raids and participating in raids on other wikias included

  • DDos: DDosing someone will get you permanently banned Permanent

DDos threats included

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