Sawmill is a KoTH map who is based on the map from Team Fortress 2. It that takes places in a sawmill. The map seems to be lumber. There are 2 houses which either leads to the left or right. Going left leads to a fort and under that is a path in which fewer players go to flank the control point. The right leads to a buzzsaw with small health packs and the are supply packs in a house in both directions access the forts and medium ammo packs in the water rooms. There are also medium health and ammo packs on both sides of the control point.


  • If a player is hit or touched by a saw blade then they'll get insta-killed. No matter if they're Supercharged or not.
  • Also, there's a bug where if you shoot the floor of the roof entrances from below with a splash damage dealing weapon (i.e., the Stickybomb Launcher or Rocket Launcher.) You'll do damage to the people above.
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