The Shortstop is a primary weapon for the Flanker. It has the unique ability to deal more consistent damage at longer range than the stock Lever Shotgun, but does far less damage at closer distance, effectively making the Flanker a long-mid range combat class. It has a 40% increase in firing speed, allowing you to dish out damage faster, as well as a 40% accuracy increase, making your shots more accurate. It also deals 200% more damage than the Lever Shotgun, but it has a -33% in clip size and -60% bullets (pellets) per shot, lowering your overall DPS. Not only that, it also have a passive downside that makes you 20% more vulnerable to explosives and airblast knockback, though this can be used as an upside in some situation, allowing you to surf through the knockback and retreat to safety. Overall, it makes the Flanker more effective at further distance, but limits his high damage output in close range, allowing you to safely hit enemy from far away without much risk, an excellent side-grade to use.


  • You can only deal 72 damage at maximum, no matter low close you are to the target.
  • This weapon is excellent at destroying Sentry Guns at range due to the increased damage and accuracy.
  • Use this in situations where close quarters wouldn't be as efficient or a sentry is causing some trouble for your team.