The Slash n' Burn is a melee weapon for the Marksman. It deals critical hit in situations where it'd normally deal a mini-crit, such as hitting an enemy under the effect of Lemonade or is marked for death. This allows the user to pair it up with the Lemonade or the Cleaner's Carbine to take out close range targets easily. But this comes with a 30% damage vulnerability from all sources when the weapon is active, making the act of using the weapon to be risky, another risk-reward weapon. While the benefit is great and can quickly dispatch of foes who are assaulting you, you're taking a heavy risk of dying when using it. A strong but risky alternative for those who enjoy taking risks for a massive reward


  • Only take it out when you're sure you can kill your target fast enough before they manage to kill you
  • When your opponent knows you're about to use the Slash n' Burn, bait them by firing a shot or two from your Sniper Rifle before striking when they least expect it
  • Never use this against an Arsonist unless you are very sure they won't be able to reach you in time, the can melt you down in under a second, and can also airblast you away before you get the chance to land a hit on them