The Sniper Rifle is the stock primary weapon for the Marksman. Pressing Alt-Fire will enter a scope, using the scope will automatically charge your meter which takes 3 seconds to fill, allowing you to deal up to x3 more damage. Using the scope will also allow you to deal crits upon a headshot. it deals a minimum of 50 damage upon a non-scoped body shot and 450 damage upon a fully charged headshot, allowing you to kill a fully overhealed Brute. Unscoping will cause the meter to empty out immediately. However, there is only 1 shot in a clip and it takes 2 full seconds to reload. It also deals 20% less damage at less than 35 studs. Dropping the damage dealt to 40-360, at least you can still take out a half-overhealed Brute. Overall this weapon is feared by most classes. Being able to deal insane damage at any range. Classes like Flanker and Agent are the classes to take him down as they rely on being out of sight and high-burst damage that easily take him out.

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