The Soda Popper is a primary weapon for the Flanker. It's a poorly repaired double barrel shotgun, presumably the Lupara DB, with the Witches Brew taped under the barrel and some duct tapes at the stock

It has a 50% faster firing speed, and can build Hype on hit, it requires 300 damage done to be filled completely. When your Hype meter is full, using Alt-fire (right mouse) will activate it.

While Hype is active, you can jump up to 5 times in the air before needing to land, this stacks with air mobility weapons like the Winger, making you an even harder target to hit for projectile classes. However, it comes with a 66% smaller clip size (only 2 shots in a clip) and a 10% damage penalty, which reduces its damage output and reliability by a long shot

t trades the versatility of the stock Lever Shotgun, in exchange for faster burst damage and the ability to occasionally gain extra jumps overtime. It rewards you for hitting consecutive shots and punishes you heavily for missing with the slow reload speed, while it might not be as strong as its stock counterpart, it can still come in handy under different circumstances


  • Use your hype to dodge enemy fire and retreat safetly
  • You can use the added mobility as a escape, making it much harder for enemies to hit you
  • Use your hype to be able to take unexpected routes to surprise your enemy, but keep switching up your path to keep it from being predictable


  • On August 31, 2018, a contest was held for a Soda Popper model, the best one will be put in the game and the winner will receive a self-made version of the weapon. The winner of this contest was MidnightKrystal, though everyone who participated also received a community Soda Popper for their work
    • This contest was also confirmed to be rigged, and only exists to reward contributersibuters