The Soulsucker is a melee weapon for the Annihilator. It is a sword riddled with dark energy that decreases the user's max health 25, making you prone to attacks before you get any kills. However with every kill you get +15 health and +8% speed that caps at 3 souls. (+45 health is 195-220HP and +24% speed is 121-131% speed, which is slower than a Flanker but faster than Agent and Doctor). It is a straight downgrade if you rely on charging for one kill tactics, but rather a flanking hit-and-run style to help clear out multiple flanking enemies and tank out damage from bullets. Using this for a melee on an explosive loadout will simply make your job slightly more difficult so don't choose this weapon for it. Overall this weapon is good if you can rack up killstreaks, but terrible in the long run or explosive combat.


  • Focus your first few kills on lighter classes before going against heavier classes.
  • You are superior to Agent in many ways. being able to run faster than agent, your melee's increased range helps tracking cloaked agents and their knife deals less base damage than any of your melee weapons.