The Spartan Savior is a melee weapon for the Annihilator. When collecting ammo boxes, you will gain back a percentage of your shield charge depending on the size of the ammo box you collect. You can also gain back a small amount of charge on a successful hit, allowing you to spam the shield bash more during combat for extra damage. However, it decreases the max ammo count of your primary Grenade Launcher by 40% (from 16 to 9) and equipping boots reduces charge gained from all source, including the boots charge on kill and this weapon's charge on hit attributes, forcing you to choose between having a weak primary weapon or not being as effective as before. An interesting tool for both a hybrid knight playstyle and pure Anniknight, granting you charge on ammo boxes that would be completely redundant otherwise, allowing you to charge way more often than before


  • One way to reduce the significance of its downside is to stick near a friendly dispenser for an unlimited supply of fast ammo.