The Speed Coil is melee weapon slot utility tool for the Brute. It is the Roblox Speed Coil that gives the user +30% faster movement speed while active. However it holsters -50% slower and maximum health is drained while active. Any health drained will be regenerated at the same rate when holstered. This weapon is useful for getting to the frontline faster but forces the user to either wait a while or walk a short distance before battling. It is advised that a Doctor heals you when using the coil so that any flanking classes will have a harder time taking advantage of your decreased max health.


  • The health drains to a minimum of 100 health. any damage taken will not be compensated, allowing the health drain to pass 100 health points.
  • The health regeneration will give back health at the same rate. Any extra damage taken will not be healed.