The Sticky Jumper is a secondary weapon for the Annihilator. It deals no self-blast damage, allowing the user to sticky jump as must as their heart desires, but you can't deal damage to enemies either, making it literally useless for combat. You can only have 2 stickies out at once, this is to prevent people from flying across the map with 8 stickies, when this weapon is equipped, the user can't carry the Intelligence, for obvious reasons. It also had 200% more max ammo, making ammo basically a non-exist when using. This weapon is designed to help a newbie player learn the art of sticky jumping, but can also be used as a powerful mobility tool. While it might be an underwhelming weapon in a serious, competitive setting, it's still a fun one to mess around with when you're not being too serious and just want to have some wacky fun


  • When entering a choke point, place some stickies where you can easily reach and escape from to act as an emergency exit in case things go wrong