Supercharge is an effect given by mediguns by filling the supercharge meter and using alt-fire. The supercharge meter is filled by healing teammates but fills slower when the enemy is not recently hurt, currently fully overhealed or healed by another Doctor. The stock Medigun, the Kritzkrieg and the Rejuvenator have supercharge effects



The Medigun; upon activating supercharge at 100%; will give both the user and the patient 100% damage immunity, but not knockback effects. Players affected by supercharge will have a team-colored glow. Agents who are disguised will show their original team color (Red agents show a red glow regardless of disguise). Due to bugs and lag, some attacks may bypass supercharge. Mostly fire and any attack dealt while pointed inside an enemy.


The Kritzkrieg; upon activating supercharge at 100%; will give both the user and the patient 100% critical hits. However, the healer can only use these crits for a second because the effect depends on the Kritzkrieg. This supercharge is useful for attacking a large number of players or power classes, but not sentry nests as sentry guns are not affected by crit boosts. As with all time-based crit effects, the players affected will have their weapon a team coloured glow.Agents disguised as your teammates will glow your team's crit color.


The Rejuvenator; upon activating supercharge at 100%; will give both the user and the patient 300% healing which goes to overheal. The overheal is only 50% following the Rejuvenator's stats.The doctor and patient will have a team-coloured filter, while their world models will have a team coloured, enlarging and disappearing floor circle. This medigun is potentially better than the stock medigun and thus better with a teammate with direct communication. You can quickly shut down enemy pocket teams and destroy enemy sentry nests within a shorter time as due to the lack of an overheal limit, there is no supercharge build limit and you'll end up building faster than the enemy doctor.



The Overdrive will grant a speed boost depending on the supercharge meter level. This speed boost will only be applied when holding the Overdrive.

Crusader's Crossbow

The Crusader's Crossbow will count any healing towards supercharge.It is only a small burst.Use this for a quick heal rather than gaining uber.



The Supersaw will grant the doctor 25% of the supercharge meter per hit. Allowing you to activate multiple supercharges within a few minutes.


The Amputator, upon using its healing taunt and heals a teammate, will count this healing towards supercharge. It is only a very small amount per person, so like the taunt itself, activate the taunt upon near multiple injured teammates.

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