The Supersaw is a melee weapon for the Doctor. Upon a successful hit on an enemy player, you gain +25% Supercharge, this helps you get your next Supercharge a whole lot quicker just by using it in combat, at the cost of 40% slower swing speed, forcing you to be more precise with your swings in order to deal damage. A risk-reward weapon. If you prefer a more aggressive playstyle, this weapon can serve you well for when your healing target dies to one-on-one fights, letting you finish the job and get rewarded in the process, plus it can also be used to gain Supercharge significantly faster and pop them constantly, making the enemy defenses crippled. Having such a powerful tool can easily change the tide of battle in a matter of seconds, if you're up for the risk and take every chance you have at possibly getting 25% more charge, you might just find yourself popping left and right breaking through pushes like it's nothing, or you might just find yourself bored from waiting to respawn. It is a meta pick for many players, and it's not hard to see the reason why that is


  • If you can melee someone, don't hesitate, that extra 25% can really save your team from losing