The Swift Stiletto is a melee weapon for the Agent. Upon a kill, you gain 30% of your cloak back and a speed boost for a couple of seconds, allowing for easy escapes and epic chain stabs, for the downside of 25 less max health. The downside might not seem like much until you realize you can now be 1-shot by most weapons, noticeably explosives weapons, and makes you even more vulnerable to afterburn damage. Gaining most of your cloak back on kill is a nice bonus to have, as it lets you escape more easily, 30% can make the difference between life and a respawn. It offers a free escape option upon a successful pick, but further punishes you for failing one, a risk-reward situation.


  • Use the speed boost to your advantage, most players have a problem tracking down an Agent under a speed boost effect, circle around them for an easy stab,
  • If you have troubles staying alive after one kill, the Swift Stiletto will serve you well.