The Tide Turner is a secondary weapon for the Annihilator. It is a ship steering wheel that gives the user +15% fire and explosive resistance, as wwell as full turning control while charging and +75% charge on melee kills. However taking damage while charging reduces remaining charge time. Like the other shields charging removes debuffs but you only gain a mini-crit melee hit after 50% charge. Overall this weapon is good for a hybrid knight. Being able to use the turning control with explosive weaponry to jump and charge a far distance or get a cheap hit on an enemy. The charge on kill allows you to swap out the Spartan Savior for another melee weapon. However the charge reduced on damage taken is quite significant and can easily cancel the charge altogether if taking constant damage such as from a Brute. The mini-crit only helps a small bit and meleeing classes with a sword meant only for anniknights is a bad idea. Overall this shield requires some skill and creativity to really confuse the enemy, but it offers the lowest resistances out of any shield and performs poorly in direct combat.