The Tomislav is a primary weapon for the Brute. It has a 20% faster spin up time, allowing for faster reaction speed against ambush, and a 20% increase in accuracy, making the Brute more reliable at longer range. It also comes with the silent killer attribute, giving the Tomislav no spin-up sound, this is a handy bonus, it increases the stealthiness of the Brute, allowing him to flank more easily. All of this for the downside of 20% slower firerate, making the overall DPS lower than that of the stock Minigun, though in a one-on-one fight between two Brutes, the Tomislav will usually come out on top thanks to its faster spin-up speed. It is an effective medium to long range weapon, with the increased accuracy, it allows the Brute to be more effective at long range, while being weaker in low range compared to stock. The stock Minigun also beats the Tomislav in term of damage when already spun up, making the former more powerful for defending, where the enemies come to you instead. The Tomislav is an excellent side-grade for attacking, but a weaker tool for defending, a much-have primary for any front-line player


  • The faster spin-up allows you to get an advantage against stock Minigun Brutes if they haven't been spun up before-hand
  • Though you do get more long range accuracy,this in no way makes you a sniper, don't try to kill someone from across the map