"LET'S GO! BANANAS!" - A rare Trooper "Go Go Go!" Voice line


The Trooper is based on Team Fortress 2's Soldier. His personality is very much alike to that of the Soldier, but a bit more saner. Trooper is a generalist class, having great crowd control with his rocket launcher, and being able to quickly travel across the map using a tactic called Rocket Jumping.










  • During the Rehaul phase, Trooper originally had the most unlockables. Currently, Annihilator has the most.
  • The Trooper is canonically younger than the Team Fortress 2's Soldier.
  • Trooper used to have brown gloves with holes on his hand and used to have a brown rocket launcher before, (and during), the Rehaul phase.
  • WAAAAAY before the rehaul, Trooper used to have a knife instead of a crowbar for a melee weapon
  • Trooper's Rocket Launcher shares the same sound effect as the TFC Rocket Launcher.
  • The Trooper was originally called Rocketman in Typical Colors 1.


  • The trooper is a frontline class, treat him as such.
    • He is one of the best classes for capturing objectives thanks to his high damage output and high health pool, along with an assortment of combat options.
  • Mastering the "art" of rocket jumping will help resolve the issue that Trooper's slow natural movement speed arises.
  • Aim at the enemy's feet and/or the ground so you won't miss a lot, this also makes your rockets unavoidable, unless you have the Direct Hit, of course.
  • If your health is low, do not try to rocket jump unless you have the Gunboats on, or the Parabomber and Rocket Jumper equipped together, as it will slow down your fall and keep you alive.
  • When rocket jumping, do not press W, contrary to "popular" belief, it will not make you go forward, it will only make you slow down and hit the ground below you.
  • As a Trooper, Arsonist is your biggest counter. He can reflect your rockets right back at you and get rewarded with Mini-crits. It is best to pack a shotgun if there is a good arsonist in the enemy team.


Trooper Voice Commands

Trooper Domination Lines

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