Turbine is a Capture the Flag map, set in an industrial environment. Being a small and tight map, a lot of actions will constantly be happening, especially on the midpoint; known as the turbine room. It consists of 2 team-coloured sides with their spawn on the right and the intel room at the left, they both lead to exits that go to the turbine room. There is a vent connecting all 3 areas with the turbine vent leading to a balcony, good for sniping. The main turbine room consists of 3 turbines, 2 team-coloured crates, a health pack room on each side and a staircase leading to the balconies. Both crates can be accessed by any class except the Brute by simply jumping off the staircase. Which makes for excellent key strategies as a high ground. Overall this map has both close quarters and ranged aspects with just enough room for explosive jumps.


  • This map used to have a different design where it was larger and used blocky models
  • It was originally removed for a while, then it got put up again, then It finally got its final design in an update
  • In the inaccessable room near the intel room on the GRN side, there is a crate with map credits on the side.
    Turbine Easter Egg