The Turtle Rock is a backpack item that takes up the secondary weapon slot of the Marksman. It is a brown turtle shell that gives the user 25% fire resistance and 100% afterburn immunity, making enemy Arsonists almost worthless against you. However, don't forget that they still have a secondary and melee weapon, which can still deal great damage against you if you aren't careful. It also has a +25 max health on wearer, allowing you to survive more chip damage. However having the health boost does not increase the amount of damage needed from an enemy Marksman to kill you. If an Arsonist is getting on your nerve, use the Turtle Rock, otherwise, you might be better off just staying away from the front line and use a Mac-10 to finish off roaming Arsonists instead. Thought very situational, it still had its usage, and can definitely be a great choice if used right, the right tool in the wrong place can make all the differences


  • The afterburn immunity removes the possibility of flinching from fire damage, use this to your advantage by quickscoping the Arsonist that's harassing you


  • This is the first backpack weapon in the game.