The following pages contain Upcoming Content, which must be confirmed by either a developer or through evidence.

You can find an official log of Upcoming Content here.


  • Airblasting Stickybombs
  • Improvements to auto-balance
  • Free cam for spectators
  • Disabling auto-balance when nearing win conditions
  • Doctor Notifications
  • Top scoreboard
  • Running into spawn with Intel will reset the Intel.
  • Pressing L to drop Intel.
  • When dying with full Hype or using Hype, a purple cloud particle will appear.
  • Misc Cosmetics.
  • Voice lines for all classes


Many weapons from TF2 will soon be available or based off. However, the following logs weapons that have been confirmed by the developers


  • Detonator
  • Manmelter
  • Scorch Shot
  • Thermal Thruster
  • Gas Passer


Vs Bosses

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