Hi I'm 0902david aka A_StableFrost. I'm not that active on this server but I still once a time spend some time here. My greatest achievements are the weapons page and the main menu. Listed below are my favorite loadouts. Usually this is outdated.

Class Loadout (Primary) Loadout (Secondary) Loadout (Melee) Cosmetic
Flanker Lever Shotgun Or Lupara DB Conventional Atomizer Dependable
Trooper Rocket Launcher Or Black Box Battalion's Backup Disciplinary Action or sometimes Escape Plan Dependable
Arsonist Flamethrower Shotgun Homewrecker Dependable
Annihilator Loch-n-Load Or Iron Bomber Or Squire Boots Any Shield Any Sworld Spiked Raider
Brute Tomislav Shotgun Speed Coil Default
Mechanic Family Business Conventional Gunslinger Default
Doctor Kritzkrieg Syringe Pistol Amputator Bowling Bob
Marksman Sniper Rifle, Laser Rifle, And Skullbuster. Mac-10 Tribalman's Shiv Default
Agent Revolver Cloak & Dagger Knife Default
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