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Vs Bosses is a special game mode based on Freak Fortress 2 a popular custom game mode from TF2, and an be played on one of the three custom vip servers linked in the game's description as well as the official discord server. The main point of this game mode is one player gets pick as a boss at random, and everyone else on the server have to fight him, the round lasts 6 minutes and ends if either the boss dies or everyone in the RED team dies.

If you wish to not be selected as the boss, you can press L to toggle queuing.

Boss Info

The boss gets a massive health pool depending on the number of players, as well as multiple abilities to use at their disposal, these include:

  • Super Jump: Hold RMB, look up at least 30 degrees and let go of RMB to unleash a very high jump, can be used to flank and get up to hard-to-reach spots. Damage taken will decrease the recharge time
  • Fast Fall: Crouching while in mid-air makes you fall faster and avoid airborne knockback bonus
  • Weigh Down: Moving while crouched gives you a 100% knockback resistance while on the ground
  • Goomba Stomp: Landing on an enemy player's head will instantly kill them
  • Rage: Build up "rage" by taking damage, air blast also increases your rage by 4%, 1900 damage is needed to fill up rage. Once the rage meter is full, press E to stun nearby players and unleash a special ability, this varies between bosses. The rage lasts up to 5 seconds depending on distance and slows down enemies affected by 20%. However, rage cannot be used when the last 2 players remain or the round ends
  • Falling Immunity: The boss cannot kill himself via fall-damage and is automatically teleported to spawn if he falls off the map, but will still take some damage The Boss starts with the speed of Doctor and increases to Flanker's speed when its health gets under 50% Some Bosses might have different abilities unique to them, and they will be covered in that Boss' specific page


Joseph Fitten

Joseph Fitten, head of Fitten.co, is a boss in Vs Bosses. He's based on Saxton Hale from TF2 lore.

Mad Mechanic

The Mad Mechanic is one of the four bosses in the Vs Bosses mode of Typical Colors 2. He is very loosely based on the Team Fortress 2 freak, Vagineer.

Bloxy Boy

The Bloxy Boy is a boss in Vs Bosses gamemode that is based on the Bonk Boy, one of community-made bosses from Freak Fortress 2.

Unfortunate Son

Unfortunate Son is one of the four bosses you can be, or fight against in the Vs Bosses gamemode. He is based on Painis Cupcake, the TF2 freak.

Class Changes

In Vs Bosses, most classes and weapons are changed, for better or worse

General Changes

  • All melee weapons (except knives) have a 100% crit rate
  • All pistols (except Conventional) and knives deal mini-crit damage
  • Certain weapons are banned and will be replaced by their stock counterpart
  • The weapon attribute "on kill" is replaced with "on hit" in this mode
  • When there are only 2 players left on the RED team, all players will be marked through walls, including the boss (the marking will disappear when cloaked)
  • When there are less than three players left on RED team, the players who are still alive receive a 10% move speed increase
  • If the timer runs out and the RED team has 2 players or less remaining, the chosen Boss wins
    • If there are 3 or more players currently alive, RED wins the match instead


  • Flanker can switch weapons 50% faster
  • Flanker can fire 15% faster
  • Any mini-crit damage is converted to full crit
  • Flankers can't deal any knockback to the Boss unless he's using the Lupara DB
  • Equipping the Baby Face's Blaster will give you the stock Lever Shotgun instead
  • Bosses don't have knockback resistance against the Lupara DB
  • All pistols (except Conventional) deal mini-crit damage
  • The Mad Milk can heal teammates to overheal when doing damage
  • The Six Point Shuriken deals full crits
  • The Sandman disappears on hit
  • The Wrap Assassin's bauble recharges twice as fast
  • The Wooden Sword reduces the boss' rage by 5% each hit


  • All of the Trooper's rocket launchers and shotguns mini-crit as long as the boss is airborne, doesn't have to be knocked back by explosions
  • Equipping the Rocket Jumper will give you the stock rocket launcher instead
  • Surviving a hit with any banners will fill up the banner instantly
  • The Buff Banner grants nearby teammates full critical hits when active
  • The Concheror can grants nearby teammates overheal when dealing damage as oppose to just heal when active
  • The Battalion's Backup grants 80% damage resistance to nearby teammates when active
  • The Market Gardener does 10% of the Boss' max health when dealings crits while airborne
  • The Katana gives 35 health on hit and overheals up to 25 extra health
  • Mantreads deal 768-1024 damage upon a successful stomp
  • Mantreads reduce fall damage by 90% and increase blast-jumping distance and air control by 25%
    • Gunboats reduces fall damage by 90, but doesn't increase blast-jumping distance and air control.


  • Airblasting gives the boss an extra 4% rage each time
  • Arsonists have a 15% movement speed bonus




  • All pistols (except Conventional) deal mini-crit damage
  • Bosses don't have knockback resistance against sentry guns
  • Building time is changed to redeploying time, redeploying speed also stacks
  • The Mechanic is given a 5% movement speed buff
  • Hauling your buildings do not slow you down


  • All mediguns are replaced with a custom one
  • All Tech Rifles are replaced with a custom one
  • Doctor's weapons give him 5% more uber on hit in vs Bosses (All Melees on hit gives full uber)
  • Doctor starts at 40% Supercharge and resets to 40% after a Supercharge is consumed
  • Supercharge rate is increased by 25% and lasts 50% longer
  • Supercharge gives crits as well as invulnerability



  • Backstabbing a Boss will alert everyone in the server and disable your knife for 2 seconds
  • Backstabbing will instantly deal up to 10% of the Boss' current health
  • The speed bonus provided by the Swift Stiletto is only earned upon a successful backstab
  • Equipping the Cloak Revolver will give you the stock Revolver instead
  • Equipping the Cloak & Dagger will give you the Invis-Watch instead
  • Cloaking provides a 42% damage resistance from bosses (122 damage) and 90% damage resistance from other sources while cloaked
  • Decloaking will reset your cloak to only 40%


Doublefort Desk

Doublefort Desk is a Vs Bosses Map which is only accessible via Vs Bosses servers. This map represents a desk.


Pineyard is a Vs Bosses Map which is only accessible via Vs Bosses gamemode servers, The map represents a countryside shipping yard with a bridge and path crossing a large gap.


Wholesale is a Vs Bosses Map which can only be accessed in the Vs Bosses gamemode. It is a supermarket with many aisles.


Hungry is a map made for Vs. Bosses, modified from its Medieval variant.


Harvest is a King of the Hill map. It's a shed with a broken roof with buildings across from it. It's surrounded by dirt walls that can't be jumped over.

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