Warmtic is a KoTH map with a parallel side in a city setting. With several accessible buildings and a tunnel underneath the control point. This map is relatively small and comparable as a mix of Turbine and Product. Health and ammo packs appear in small forms near the control point and larger packs near the spawns. Including a small health pack in the underground tunnel.

CTF Dam - Turbine Pro - Doublefort
KOTH Product - Sawmill - Himalaya - Orange - Warmtic - Rooftops - Lakeside - Harvest - Testmap
A/D Gorge - Dustbowl - Yellow Valley
CP Orange Asylum - Yellow Valley - Frost
PL Calamity - Blastport
Vs-B Harvest - Doublefort Desk - Wholesale - Pineyard - Hungry
MED Hungry
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