The Winger is a secondary utility weapon for the Flanker. It is a dark grey pistol that gives the player 35% greater jump height when active. This stacks with Atomizer jumps, allowing the user to reach more flank routes and increases the Flanker's already great mobility. It also offers a 15% damage bonus, making finishing off escaping foes easier. All of this for the price of -50% clip size, while this downside means nothing if you plan on using it purely for utility and a fast finishing secondary, it greatly decreases the gun's performance in 1v1 combat. Due to the low magazine size, it can put you at a disadvantage when your primary weapon needs to reload, and you must deal damage in a pinch in order to survive. While this might seem like a good way to deal some damage in theory, if you have perfect accuracy with a Pistol, you shouldn't count on it as an effective tool to aid you in combat due to low much you'll miss in practice. It is an excellent utility tool, as well as a great tool to demolish escaping foes, although not the best for 1-on-1 combat, it certainly is a great side-grade to consider using


  • Combine this with the Lupara DB and Atomizer for maximum utility potential.
  • This weapon can be used to either cover your escape or initiate a fight from a range.
  • This is an effective finisher weapon to kill fleeing enemies.