Yellow Valley is a 5CP and Attack/Defense map. It has two Storage Units as Points A & E, a Lookout/Guardpost for points B & D, and two Shacks with a river running under Capture Point C. The team that owns Capture Point C will receive a forward spawn at their Guardpost, and the team that owns the other team's Guardpost will receive a forward spawn at Capture Point C.


  • Point C (Middle) is the initial capture point, as such, your team should attempt to secure the area quicker than the other team to force them to go on an early defensive.
  • Mechanics can and should build Sentry Guns to lock down a point and prevent easy defense of it (i.e. middle when it's neutral or capped by the other team.) In lieu of Sentry Guns, a Mechanic can also build a Teleporter to quickly bring power classes such as the slow-but-tanky Brute and the walking cannon the Annihilator to the front lines or to get Mechanics to advantageous build spots quickly.
  • When defending your Guardpost, use the natural high ground to your advantage and work with your team to flank attackers.
  • As a Flanker or Agent, utilize the many flank routes the map offers to get behind the enemy team and back cap the point when the other team is pushing.
  • When playing as an Arsonist, remember that your capability to ambush is greatly enhanced by the choke points created when defending Point A. Use your Flamethrower and set groups of enemies on fire while reflecting explosives back at the attackers for a potent damage combo.
  • Point B can be quite hard to take unless the other team is turtling Point A. Should the enemy team not defend point B, assume that they will be a fortress to conquer if one wants to win.
  • Conversely, Point B is also quite easy to re-take should your team lose it.
  • The crates just to the left of Point A can be climbed up thanks to a ramp, and can even be built on. Use this to your advantage.
  • There are three gates to enter the other team's stronghold. If resistance is too strong at one of them, try another route.


  • Yellowvalley is named after the yellow skybox the map has.
  • This map was the only map in the CTE server, only to be replaced with Blastport months later.
  • Despite the normal Capture Point naming conventions for such a map, there is no Point D or Point E actually in the map. Instead, both RED & GRN use A & B for their points.
  • An Attack/Defense variant has been added on May 15, 2020.
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